Why boxers run and why runners should box

Muhammad Ali doing his roadwork preparing for his fight against Joe Frazier

Introduction: Become the best

It took Kevin Carr to run around the whole world in 621 days! But we're not here about someone else we're here to improve you and your training in running and boxing and tell you the benefits it provides for you.

So why do boxers run?

Boxing is a sport that requires a lot of stamina, strength and agility. It also requires the ability to move quickly, react quickly and have good timing. Boxing is not just about punching someone in the face. It's about being able to outlast your opponent in a fight. This is where running comes into place. Running is a cardiovascular form of training which burns fat and builds your discipline and funds it in later stages of life. To start off with anything you must ease into it, therefore starting with original roadwork used by fighters like Muhammad Ali to slowly engage with controlled movements on a treadmill (P.S having a gym membership would help with this for personal or coached training).Explosiveness is a key aspect in boxing; sprinting in high intensity in short periods helps in the last seconds when that second to last bell rings whilst your coaching is telling you to "WORK" him. Training you mentally, physically and athletically this is the reason why boxers run testing you in all sectors preparing you for fight night.

Why runners should box 

Boxing is an effective way for runners to complement their training regimen, as it incorporates elements of speed and power in addition to improving overall strength and conditioning. Engaging in boxing provides a great aerobic and anaerobic workout, which is beneficial for runners as they develop their stamina, coordination and agility. Boxing builds muscle endurance as well as increases core strength and stability - both essential components to running faster, longer distances. Additionally, by engaging in some form of martial arts practice, runners can cultivate mental toughness necessary to push themselves while running through fatigue or pain. In conclusion, boxing provides a great way to break up monotony during those long runs around the same old track or trails.